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On site chair massage is a clothed Shiatsu based Acupressure massage treatment that is performed with the client fully clothed, seated in a specialist chair. It is an excellent way to treat stress and tension in public places, such as the workplace, social functions, corporate and promotional events. 

On site chair massage is available in Cheltenham, The Cotswolds, throughout Gloucestershire and nearby counties.

Payment can be made directly by each client, or paid in full or subsidised by the organisation.


15 minute massage £15.00

30 minute massage £30.00

The benefits to your business: -

Make your business a healthier and happier place to work

Reduce staff absence

Improve productivity

Make your staff feel valued boosting moral

Encourage potential new employees by including well-being treatments as part of your benefit package

The benefits to the individual:-

Reduces stress, tension, aches & pains

Is re-energising

Eases stiff joints

Promotes clearer thinking

Helps with RSI

Is reassuring & comforting

Instills a positive sense of Well-Being

Feel valued at work, boosting moral

Regular visits maintain good health and keeps painful tension, headaches and rsi at bay.

Other Workplace Therapies

These treatments can also be provided as full or mini treatments. All are clothed treatments.

Indian Head Massage


Hand & lower arm massage

Foot massage

Tui Na (subject to availability)

Shiatsu (subject to availability)


Thomas Legal Group - Gloucester Business Park - April 2016

Individual staff feedback....

"I thought Tracy was fantastic and it was a really appreciated “treat” from the partners. It is clear that Tracy is incredibly knowledgeable and the treatment provided was excellent. The treatment did not feel rushed and I left feeling very relaxed."

Rebecca : "Given the slot was only for 15 minutes I felt at ease and relaxed straight away. Amazing what you get done in such a short space of time. Loved it!"

Sharon : "This was a lovely break in a stressful working day – blissful but sadly too short!"

Jessica : "Tracy was fantastic. Sounds odd but I am not the biggest fan of massages etc (don’t really like strangers touching me) but she made me feel really at ease and relaxed and I actually really enjoyed it. Definitely consider contacting her for a future massage and I have already recommended Tracy to friends and family."

Travel charges  apply @ 50p per mile one way only. An additional travel charge of £10.00 is applied for journeys over 20 miles.

Call me on 07878881299 to arrange a Free no obligation trial.


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