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The Benefits

Manage your tension, reduce stress & aches and pains, improve skin & muscle tone, relax & re-energise - wherever you both are. You will also save money otherwise spent booking with therapists.

Massage helps to restore a positive sense of well being and is very reassuring.

Couples massage is a great way to create a closer bond with your partner, and can play an important role in improving relationships.

Through touch, listening to one another & learning how to respond to your partners needs, the two way treatment is an excellent way to enhance communication.

Massage is always a pleasure to receive, and in turn you benefit from the 'feel-good factor' by giving it.

The course

You and your partner will learn how to perform a back, neck and shoulder massage on each other.

The course structure is as follows and includes...

  • 3 x 1.5 hour sessions - each of you will take turns to practice the routine on each other.
  • A booklet with information about the structures you will be working over, the bodies systems, do's and don'ts, contraindications to treatment, and instructions for the routine

NB - it is advisable to have a massage couch of your ownto perform and practice the massage routine on each other. I provide a couch during the tuition sessions only.


 £250 for 3 x 1.5 hour sessions for back, neck and shoulder massage tuition

£80.00 additional 1.5 hour session for leg & foot massage tuition

There is a charge of 50p per mile over 5 miles from GL50 for mobile tuition. An additional travel charge of £10.00 is applied for journeys over 20 miles.

NB. You will not be qualified to perform the massage on members of the public or charge for the treatment - this is for couples only and is not intended for professional use. You will not be able to get insurance to work as a professional massage therapist once the course is complete.


“I bought the couples’ massage lessons for my Wife as a Christmas present; she is very partial to a massage, and to be honest I usually get bored after 5 minutes of rubbing her shoulders in front of the TV!! Massage lessons felt like something a bit 'different’ and a very personal present.

Communication with Tracy was very easy - she was flexible to meet our requirements and made some helpful suggestions about how we might get the most out of our lessons.

Tracy came round to our house and we were instantly put at easy by her smart and professional, but at the same time warm and relaxed persona. All we had to provide was a warm room - Tracy brought the rest! The lessons themselves were a great mix of guided massage on each other and hands on demonstration from Tracy. The techniques and routine she showed us were a nice mix of gentle and sensual with firm and relaxing. She responded to our needs and adapted according to what we liked and disliked. We certainly learnt a lot, and had a wonderful few hours being massaged!

Best of all, Tracy lent us a massage couch to practice on. Now, instead of then perfunctory 5 minutes shoulder rub, we turn off the TV, turn on the relaxing music and a massage becomes a wonderful time that we spend together as a couple. Having a massage routine really gives us a lot of confidence that what we're doing is 'right', and also the confidence to experiment. The massage booklet detailing all of the routine and glossary of massage terms she gave us before we started was invaluable!

Overall we had a great experience with Tracy and would wholeheartedly recommend massage lessons to other couples who want to learn a new skill and spend some quality time together.”

David & Christina - August 2015

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