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Mini treatments - 15 minutes. Express - 30 minutes. Gel manicures & Pedicures 45 minute to 1 hour. Luxury - 1 hour


Express £25.00 - Moisturise/ File /cuticle work/Polish

Luxury £35.00 - This includes a lower arm & hand exfoliation and massage, with cuticle work, file and polish or high shine buff to finish.

Gel Manicure £35.00

Gel Removal £10.00 (included if renewing polish)


Mini Foot Revive £15.00 - Soak / Exfoliating scrub / Hard skin removal / Moisturise.

Express Foot Revive £30.00 - A Mini Foot Revive to include a lower leg and blissful foot massage

Express Pedicure £30.00 - Moisturise/ File & cuticle work /Polish                                                         

Luxury Pedicure - £45.00 - A combined Foot Revive treatment plus nail work and polish.

Gel Pedicure - £40.00

                                                                       FACIALS - Neals Yard Organics 

Mini NYO Facial - £15.00

A 15 minute facial refresh treatment to include a Cleanse, tone & facial massage.

Express NYO Facial - £30.00

A 30 minute facial revive treatment to include a deep Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, finished with a Decollete, upper shoulder, neck & Facial Massage.

Luxury NYO Facial - £45.00

A 60 minute restorative facial treatment including a Deep Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, 10 minute mask appropriate to your skin type and needs, with a

hand or foot massage while the mask is active. A Decollete & upper shoulder, neck, face and blissful scalp massage to finish.

All facials can include a Neals Yard Aromatherapy blend at the massage stage to suit you mood.

Bellabaci cupping can be incorporated into any facial treatment on request. Bellabaci revives and rejeuvenates the dermis and underlying muscle structures of the face, stimulates the circulation, releases areas of stagnation and dormant toxins, helps with lymphatic drainage. For more information - click on the link.

 EYE LASH LIFT - £30.00 (Patch test required)

Enhance your own natural lashes with a Lash Lift. This treatment seperates your lashes and lifts them from the base. Criss crossed & droopy lashes are lifted and seperated to maximise your own natural lashes. Lasts 6 weeks or more.

THREADING  -  Brow  - £10.00     Lip - £6.00       Chin - £10.00        Full face - £30.00

TINTING (patch test required)    Eye lash - £10.00       Brow - £10.00      Eye lash &  brow - £15.00               

To purchase Neals Yard Products just click on this link

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