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Holistic & complementary therapies treat the whole person. Primarily - they help the body to maintain homeostasis - its natural state of balance. Massage & Reflexology su pports the para-sympathetic system which counters the 'fight or flight' response. They calm the body and mind, inducing a state of relaxation which promotes an overall positive sense of well-being & a more youthful, happier appearance.

All of these treatments help to reduce stress, relieve muscle tightness, aches, pains & strains. They help with anxiety and depression, aid restful sleep and are re-energising.




15 minute Mini Treatments - £15.00

Suitable for groups or add on treatmen ts as part of a package. 

Choose one area ie face and neck, back, legs, feet, arms, hands, head & scalp.

30 minutes - £30.00

Choose from:-

Back, neck & shoulders / Face, neck &  shoulders / Indian Head / Legs & feet / Arms & Hands

45 minutes - £40.00

  • Full Indian Head Massage - suitable for stiff necks and headaches, cloudy thinking, anxiety and depression. Covers the uppe​r back, neck and shoulders, head & scalp, face and scalp.
  • Facial regeneration - this relaxes the facials muscles, releases pressure points, shifts stagnation, plumps & renews the skin leaving a relaxed, fresh faced, younger looking you.

60 minutes - 50.00 Full body massage - A head to toe treatment leaving you feeling completely relaxed & refreshed.

75 minutes - £65.00 A full body massage with Indian Head scalp massage for total blissful relaxation and head clearance.

Hot Stones Massage 

Hot stones enable heat to penetrate into the muscles helping to sooth away tension.

30 minutes - £40.00   60 minutes - £60.00

All massages are adapted to suit each individual, from relaxing light massage to deep tissue. I provide remedial massage for chronic problems such as rotator cuff tendonitis, sciatica, and injury sites where muscles have been wrenched. Your specific needs will be discussed before your treatment.


A treatment of the feet that restores balance in the body and mind. See the reflexology page for more information

Full - 45 minutes - £40.00

Taster - 30 minutes - £30.00


A reviving, clothed shiatsu based acu-pressure massage treatment suitable for the work-place, corporate & social events.

15 minutes - £15.00 - Treats the upper body - back, neck, shoulders, arms & hands.

30 minutes - £30.00 - A more intensive upper body treatment plus scalp massage to finish.

Couples massage tuition (click for details)

This is a course designed for couples to learn how to give a back massage to your partner in easy to learn stages. 3 sessions of 1.30 hours plus workbook & a beginners bottle of oil @ £150 per couple. Leg & foot massage tuition can be added or booked seperately.

Bellabaci Cupping - the Bellabaci cups can be incorporated into your massage treatment to help if you are suffering from tight and sore muscles, digestive disorders, joint pain, sciatica, cellulite, headaches, migraines, stretch marks and spider veins amongst others. Based on traditional Chinese cupping, Bellabaci helps to eliminate stagnation, improve circulation and skin tone, as well as an effective way of removing toxins stored deep in the body's tissues. No pressure is used, just suction action of the cups!

For more information see

Neals Yard Organics

Neals Yard Organics arom aptherapy oils are deliciously scented and can be added to the massage oil to enhance your treatments.

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