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New! Bellabaci cupping treatments

I have introduced the fantastic Bellabaci cups into my treatments as a result of trying them at an industry show in London recently.
I was amazed at how effective they are, both when practicing on a fellow therapist, and having them used on me. I am not usually swayed by standard selling blurb, but could not resist trying them out after seeing how they worked.

I bought a set of body cups and another of face cups, and have been incorporating them into my treatments and using them on myself since then.

Working with the cups on myself- there is a noticable difference in my skin tone, both on my body and face.
Using them on my stomach has helped with digestive problems, as well as releasing tension easily in my lumbar area and buttocks - normally a tricky area to work on yourself!
Additionally using the cups has had a toning effect on my stomach, my thighs, jawline, neck and face -  in just a week! I love them!
Working with them on clients I have noticed that, as the training suggest, the cups get 'stuck' where there are hidden problems underneath the skin. Working those areas with the cups releases blocked and stagnant toxins and adhesions within the tissue and muscle structures underneath. Where traditional massage techniques have not found these, the suction action of the cups finds them with ease & no pain to the client.
The skin / structure is smoother and softer afterwards, with erythema rising to the surface during use - a classic tell-tale sign that the treatment is working effectively.

All you feel is a temporary and mild 'pinching' feeling. This is only at its most intense when the cups find those stagnant areas and adhesions. The treatment can also be tailored accordingly so you decide if its too much or too little!

Bellabaci are based on the traditional and proven Chinese cupping system and help men and women who suffer from the following:

  • Removal of toxins and unblock stagnant areas in the body
  • Cellulite and scar tissue
  • Tightness / tension in muscles
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain

For facial rejeuvanation, Bellabaci cups help to

  • stimulate the dermis and subcutaneous tissues,
  • improving skin tone,
  • increase circulation,
  • acts as a pore cleanser,
  • helps to firm flab,
  • clears broken capillaries,
  • lifts drooping muscles
  • drain under eye bags & double jaw
  • stengthens the vascular integrity of the face

In short - Bellabaci are amazing! They do not require deep pressure, the suction of the cups can be adapted to suit your needs with each 'pass'.

For more information, see

To try a Bellabaci treatment or treat a friend!

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