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Well Being Tip No 9

We need to eat the right foods to maintain a healthy body & mind. Our cells need a balanced diet to repair, maintain & regenerate.
If you eat more fresh foods, vegetables, fruit, and salads you will have more energy and vitality. Your skin will feel and look much better. Your digestion will function well, and your body will thank you. Your mind will also benefit – you will feel more alive and well.
Eat ‘raw’ foods whenever possible, ie fresh fruit, salads, and vegetables. Cooking foods destroys enzymes that are beneficial to you – besides a lot of vegetables are delicious as they are! (Try breaking up broccoli into small florets and adding to a salad for a change – we eat raw carrot, peppers, and white cabbage (coleslaw) so why not!)
Don’t forget the other essentials of course – protein, calcium, etc. These are all essential for building, repairing and daily functioning of our bodies.
Its all about balance. A balanced body & mind is healthy and happy. A balanced diet can help to achieve this.
So what if you have the occasional curry, bar of chocolate, burger – no harm done if you balance it out with healthy foods the rest of the time.
If you make subtle changes in your diet and eat healthily, you will feel great, look good and have more energy.
Your body & mind will love you if you look after them. Treat them well and live a healthier, happier life. You are worth it! 
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