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Well Being Tip No 7

Believe me – I am not an advocate of being cold and naked, but  this helps to clear your mind and release toxins from your body. Try it – it could change your life!
You don’t have to endure a cold shower all the way through, only switch from hot to cold at the end, three times, ending with cold.
Start by making the water colder when you have finished showering, not ‘icy’ cold to begin with, get used to it slowly – do it on your legs first and move up your body. Then go back to hot and make it a little hotter than before. Then cold again, a bit colder than last time, hotter again, and colder still to finish.
The principle is the same as a sauna, Turkish, and plunge pool at the end.
This will boost your circulation and leave you feeling invigorated, cleansed and re-energised. If you have a tendency to feel the cold – this will help your body to warm itself up. It also tones the skin, so you will feel good inside and look good outside.
When your body uses its own energy to warm you up, it pushes the toxins and stress out through the skin. If you leave yourself hot at the end, you trap the toxins and stress in.
Notice how invigorated and alive you feel after your hot/cold shower, and how your body naturally warms you up. And the cobwebs? These should be gone, along with any negative feelings.

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