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Well Being Tip No 6.

Well Being Tip No 6
Focus on one thing at a time
Trying to do too many things at once is stressful, and we can often miss things out that may be important, or make mistakes that cause even more stress. Multi-tasking is something some of us are capable of achieving fairly easily, but there is always a lack of focus on each thing we do when we try to do too much.
The best way to focus on one thing at a time is to write a ‘to do’ list. This removes the chance of forgetting if its only stored in your head, and then you are also able to rest your mind, as your tasks are committed to paper. You won’t have to frantically try to remember everything you have to do, and confuse yourself in the process, or worry that you might forget some of the things you need to remember.
Make your to do list by writing down the most important things first – prioritising the order of things to do. If nothing is of paramount importance over any other and there is no immediate ‘deadline’ – then make the worst tasks the first tasks on your list. This way you won’t delay your list as they get nearer and you won’t have to dread the moment that they come ‘next’.
We tend to procrastinate over tasks that we don’t like doing, finding something else to do instead. Know the feeling? Spend too long on Facebook or watch drivel on TV? This always leaves us with a sense of ‘impending doom’, the tasks are still waiting there, niggling us at the back of our minds – mine is the pile of ironing that mounts up until its ready to topple over, or leaving a trip to the supermarket until there’s only jars of condiments left in the fridge, great if you like pickle and jam for tea. If you hate decorating but it needs doing – put this near the top of your list, and just do it.
If your tax return is due in, and you know its time to do it, don’t delay – you will stress yourself out by not doing it – you know its got to be done…... So bite the bullet and do it. Enjoy the relief that you haven’t got to do it anymore, and only have increasingly nicer things left to do on your list! Feeling annoyed or fed up that you have to do things you don’t want to do is spoiling your day. Adopting a ‘positive action’ approach to tasks and immersing yourself in it to the best of your ability gives you a sense of purpose, while also clearing a pathway through the tasks on your list.
Things are never really as bad as we think once we actually make a start. Ever said to yourself ‘why didn’t I do this earlier, its not so bad!’ So – save yourself the angst and anguish, give your mind a break. Make your list, and start.
Being in the present….
While you clutter up your mind with anxiety about tasks you haven’t done yet, you cannot be ‘in the moment’. By focusing on each task in turn, and writing down the things you have to do, you will have a clearer mind, be able to enjoy being in the present more and enjoy life.
By doing one thing at a time and giving it your total attention, you are achieving ‘empowered action’ – this is being in the moment, surrendering to it, which is the key to happiness. Resistance causes stress.
So remember, when you next feel stressed out by everything you have to do whirling around in your head and it all feels on top of you – make a ‘to do’ list, prioritise, put the worst things first, and start with no.1.
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