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Well Being Tip no 4 - Being Grateful

Well Being Tip No 4.
Being Grateful
If you focus too much on negative thoughts, you are nurturing negativity in your life.
Far better to focus on being grateful for what is good in your life instead, and see the difference – good things will come your way instead of bad.
Ask yourself - 'What am I most grateful for in my life today?'  This could be simple things that you overlook everyday, for example - having friends and family, seeing a beautiful sky, being alive! Focus on what you have, not what you haven’t got.
Be thankful for the food you eat every day, water to drink, and shelter.
Be more conscious of your own ‘being’ – what more could you be grateful for than this.
Start to smile more at people as you go through your day, thank them for what they do for you, and mean it! See what happens when you do this.
Do what you enjoy doing more – whatever it is, you will feel good if you do what you love doing.
Don’t waste your day – make an early start and feel grateful that you are alive. Laying in bed too much and too long leads to inertia and depression.
Don’t stop until you notice a change in the way you think, and that good things will start coming your way.
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