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Well being tips No 1

Here is your Well Being Tip No. 1. Enjoy!
To help you find your natural happiness and feel more at peace, try the exercise below, it doesn’t take long and is as easy as breathing in and out….
First, we need to recognise that happiness and calm is already within us, and that stress obstructs this. Our bodies, emotions and mind are all affected by stress. If any part of the triangle is affected -the mind, body or spirit – the other two are affected also. It is impossible to separate them. Unhappy thoughts lead to physical responses, physical illness leads to low spirits, and so the cycle goes.
When we reduce stress, we feel happier and calmer. This is a brief explanation of how the body responds:
  • Stress is the body’s response to circumstances that challenge us and may require us to change or adapt.
  • The sympathetic nervous system -Under extreme stress, the mind tells our bodies to defend ourselves – we would natural fight or run under threat, adrenaline is our fight or flight hormone. Our heart beats faster, our breathing becomes shallow, we tense up, ready to run or fight!
In our modern day lives, we endure stress under less threatening circumstances such as being eaten! However, prolonged stress can cause illness in the body and mind, and affects our Well-Being.
  • The para-sympathic nervous system sustains the body at rest, and works to combat the effects of stress. We feel calmer when stress is reduced or fear is removed, and homeostasis is restored. This is our natural state of balance.
So – how the body and mind reacts to situations is stress, not the situation itself.
Looking after ourselves is the primary way to keep us healthy and happy.
You can start by focusing on your breathing. The breath is the key to feeling calmer. Slow, deep breathing is powerful and effective. When we are stressed, our breath is shallow, not enough oxygen is taken in, and this leads to tightness in the chest, more anxiety, palpitations, panic attacks etc. You can minimise this by simply taking some slow deep breaths, and feel instantly calmer and more able to focus your mind.
Follow these few simple steps – wherever you are, you can do this.
The exercise…..
Take one long, slow deep breath in allowing your diagraphm to expand – your stomach should ‘swell out’. This is breathing from your ‘centre’, not your chest.
Breathe out – focus on letting it out slowly, your throat might even make a ‘sighing’ sound, as you feel the breath pass out slowly and evenly.
Take another long, slow deep breath in. Remember to breath from your stomach…………
Think about how precious that breath is, how you rely on it to stay alive. Each cell receives some of that breath. It oxygenates your blood and is taken all around your body. Enjoy the breath.
Breath out – slowly. Feel your stomach deflate. Toxins are being passed out of the body on the out breath, this process takes place without us thinking about it at all -  in each simple breath, giving us life - amazing!
Take a moment to think about what is happening in your body right now while you breathe in and out.
Take another breath in……. Feel the breath go down to your toes
And out……….
Nothing else really matters other than the breath right at this very moment, here and now.
Do this for as long as you can, whenever you can. You will feel better, calmer, and remember that life is amazing.
What could be more important than this.

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